Games on the Throne: Jurassic World

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What is it?:jurasic world

People yell at you to build the Jurassic World theme park to their specifications. In addition, battling dinosaurs for prizes is somehow legalized on the island, so you do that. Given how incredible both of these ideas sound, both should be more exciting than they are.


Has dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs look beautiful.

No high-stress moments, so you won’t pinch a loaf early.

Having dinosaurs counts for two good points.

Easy to learn interface.


You’ll hit a pay wall very early, forcing you to pay or do something else.

Everything is timed, and any real advancement means paying attention to the game every thirty minutes.

Player versus player dinosaur combat is completely unbalanced (I fought someone who possessed dinosaurs nearly twice the level of mine).

You have to hold the phone sideways, making it difficult to touch parts of the screen one-handed.


If you like dinosaurs: download it, sit in awe over the dinosaurs, and stop playing as soon as you can’t advance without paying. It doesn’t get better as you advance.

If you don’t like dinosaurs: what is wrong with you? Dinosaurs are awesome. Spend your bathroom time learning about how awesome dinosaurs are.

This game will last you only a few poops, so have a backup game ready.

Jesse Galena

Twitter: @RexiconJesse

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