Games on the Throne: Alpha Betty

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What is it?

Alpha Betty is like Boggle if the board was bigger and changed shape with each level, it replaced the letters when you used them, and it had a variety of objectives that make it more complicated than just stringing letters together to make words… so really the only thing it shares with Boggle is the fact that you make words with randomized letters.


– It is easily played one-handed, no paywall, and no arbitrary wait time if you fail a level.

– Each level gives you a number of turns instead of a time limit, so there is no accidental, stress-induced pre-pinching.

You can switch to a different app and ignore it for a while and the game will be where you left it.
I learned the hard way that this is not always true. I’m not sure why it sometimes resets the level, but it might have to do with when it looses its internet connection (I don’t leave mobile data on).

– It’s free.

– You can hold the phone vertically or horizontally.


– I get so wrapped up in making a long word that I stop paying attention to my mission.

– My wife is incredibly smart and will always beat me at word games, crushing my ego. I will never match her scores.

– Either they don’t explain all of the mechanics and rules or I am really dumb and forgot a quarter of them when they did explain them.

– I’m enjoying it so much I don’t want to stop so I can review other games.


If you like brain teasers involving making words, get it.

If you like a challenge, get it.

If you don’t like a challenge, get it anyway.

Play it every other poop, mixing it with another game to help keep the game play fresher.

Jesse Galena

Twitter: @RexiconJesse

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