Games on the Throne: Toilet Time

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toilet timeWhat is it?

If there was ever a perfect game for this review series, it would be Toilet Time. Toilet Time is a series of touch-based micro games, each one taking mere seconds to complete. It’s like WarioWare if all of the games and humor revolved around poop jokes.


  • It is designed to be played one-handed.
  • The games are challenging enough to give you a sense of accomplishment without being stressful, keeping your mind engaged and your rectum unclenched.
  • It is full of poo puns, fart funnies, and gross gags.
  • It reminds me of WarioWare. I freaking love WarioWare.
  • It boots up quickly.


  • The prizes and achievements seem completely arbitrary, making leveling up and gaining them feel rather meaningless.
  • I counted around 17 games during my play time. With my average game having 20+ rounds, the games started to get repetitive.


This game is pretty tight but it will keep you loose. It’s well done for what it is.

If you’re tenacious on the toilet and do not require much time, a round or two of this game will be a nice distraction.

If micro games interest you, download it. Worst case scenario, you enjoy it for a few weeks and then uninstall it.

If you need a lot of time when you are on the toilet, you’ll need to stagger this game with another.

Jesse Galena


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