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What is it?

TransPlan is a puzzle game where you have to solve problems by using physics. Does that make sense? You have to move one object to a particular spot on the map, and you can only move it by having other objects affect it. You can pin objects down or erase them… You can make catapults… None of that probably makes any sense, does it? Just watch the trailer.


–          Can be played one-handed.

–          It’s challenging, but it gives you a lot of hint tokens if you get stuck.

–          While it strained my brain, I never stress clenched.

–          You have full access to the game for free.

–          There are multiple types of physics challenges, so it never felt repetitive.

–          It doesn’t explain all of the mechanics. While this was originally a con, it allowed me to learn from failure and those lessons stuck with me moreso than if it just told me how things worked.

–          There was more than one way to solve each level.


–          It’s short. Depending on how long your poops are, you may finish it in a week or two.

–          There’s not a lot of music, though the music it does play is a very nice piano tune.

–          There was one level I couldn’t figure out, so I used hint tokens to explain every move. Despite that, the solution it gave me didn’t work.


While it is short, I was able to go back and clear every level with the recommended amount of actions or less. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this game.

If physics puzzler games interest you, get this.

If you’ve never tried a physics puzzle game, this is a good one to start with.

Jesse Galena

Twitter: @RexiconJesse

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