Steal My Idea: 5 More Items to Steal

I was on an item creation kick. Reap the benefits of it by adding these unique items as loot or rare drops for players, or ask your GM to include them if they strike your fancy.

The Morning Star: Once per day when charging, this magical morning star allows the user to blind creatures near her path. It blinds as if the user cast the spell Blinding Ray (Pathfinder)/Blindness-deafness (D&D 5e) or equivalent in other systems, using her character level for the purposes of determining the caster level.

Description: The Morning Star has a shaft that resembles a burning meteor with a burning trail of debris. The head of The Morning Star has a round base with a metal flame erupting around it. When it has a charge, the flames on the head and the crevices in the shaft glow with an orange aura. It burns as bright as a torch. If it does not have a charge, it does not glow.

The Trusty Backpack: This nonmagical backpack offers slightly less space than a normal backpack but provides a few distinct advantages. It has two slots on each side that allow items placed in them to be retrieved as a free action (as though the user had the Quick Draw feat for those using d20). There is a small parachute that can decrease fall damage by 1d6 for every twenty feet the user can glide in a single direction (maxes at negating 2d6 fall damage). The parachute takes a two full rounds to stuff back into the pack so she can use it again. There is a small pouch on the side that will spark like flint and steel without having to draw it, making it ideal for quickly lighting a torch or fuse. The trusty backpack costs four times more than a normal backpack.

The Helmet of the Witch-Knight Vincal: This helmet constantly whispers arcane secrets into the mind of the user. The words are fragmented and cobbled together from different languages. After one month of wearing the helmet, the user manages to piece together enough of the disjointed words to decipher their true meaning. The user learns one random spell she did not previously have access to one level below the highest level she knows. After she learns a spell, the next random spell she learns is a level lower than the one she just learned. This continues until the voice teaches her a spell of the lowest level she knows. Then it will repeat, teaching her a spell one level below the highest level she knows and works its way down from there. Example: if the highest level spells the user can cast is 4th, she would learn a random 3rd level spell. After that, she would learn a 2nd level spell, then 1st, then 0 (cantrip). After she learned a 0 level spell, she starts the process over at the second highest level spell she can cast.

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Witch-Knight Vincal’s Armor: Soul Spinner

The Helmet of the Witch-Knight Vincal

Witch-Knight Vincal’s Locking Gauntlets

The constant chattering of the disembodied voice of Vincal is distracting, lowering the user’s perception and perception-related rolls by 2+ the number of spells learned from wearing the helmet. In addition, when the helmet is removed from the head of the user, the witch-knight Vincal takes the knowledge of the spells with it, and the user loses access to the spells the helmet taught her. If a person who wore the helmet before puts it back on, she does not regain any of spells she once learned from it. The helmet does not increase spellcasting failure chance.

Description: The witch-knight Vincal favored three things on the battlefield: the bloodshed of mages, her signature halberd, and her heavy, nearly impenetrable armor. The pointed top of the helmet grows with overlapping layers of metal that expand to encompass all of the wearer’s head. The thick layering continues down to the neck and recedes under their chin, making it nearly impossible for the wearer to lose the helmet by accident or by brute force.The plates each hold a V-like shape, though the edges are marred and slightly twisted. Minor slits over the wearer’s eyes limit the limit vision. A small panel that slides into the helmet allows the wearer to eat and drink with relative ease.

The helmet is all that remains of Vincal’s set, and due to the power of her spirit in the helmet, many fear what powers the rest of her set- and her legendary halberd- may contain.

Dragonfist: Dragonfist is a complex machine that coats darts in a sticky, flammable substance and fires them with a range of 40 feet. The dart deals 1d4 piercing damage. The fire deals 1d6 fire damage that continues to burn the target for 10 rounds or until someone spends an action to remove it. It takes a magazine of 10 darts that drop into the top. To reload, the user must spend an action to pull the dragon’s horns back, which draws back the string and automatically coats and drops a dart into place. It takes a full round to unload an empty clip, load a new clip, and draw back the string.

Description: Dragonfist completely covers the user’s arm from their hand to their elbow. The large device looks like a red dragon’s head made from smooth, refined metal. The darts fire out of the dragon’s partially opened mouth and ignite as they pass between the dragon’s teeth.

Thoughts of a Distant Realm Pendant: This pendant reminiscent of a dreamcatcher aids the wearer with pleasant dreams of the faerie realm. After a full night’s rest (8 hours, long rest, etc.), the user gains a bonus equal to half her level to all checks made against fear and fear-inducing effects, magical or otherwise, for 24 hours. However, the dreams are so captivating and beautiful, the wearer receives a penalty when attempting to wake equal to half her level. The user must also always roll to wake up, even in situations where all other members of their group wake automatically. The user does not need to continue wearing the pendant during the day to keep these bonuses, only when she sleeps.

Mildly clever sendoff.


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