#DnDecember 2: Favorite Class

My favorite class to play is multi-class. Full wizard? Nah. I wanna be a wizard ranger. That way I have a familiar, an animal companion, a suite of spells, hit points, skills, and a collection of weapons to use. Why just be a monk when I can be a monk rogue hybrid? Flurry of blows, reduced fall damage, great skills, and sneak damage? Yes to all plz.

Necromancer paladin. Barbarian rogue. Monk cleric. All fun.

While multi-classed characters aren’t usually as mechanically powerful as their straight-class party mates, their versatility makes them a powerful ally and an unpredictable (and often devastating) foe.

Personally, I love the flavor that goes into multi-class characters. It helps to define the character as more than just their class. Their personal choices have a noticeable mechanical benefit. It’s not just a character

While the mechanical drawbacks of multi-classing- especially more than 2 classes- can be a bit much. However, going wild and having fun for fun’s sake makes it totally worth it. In a max level 6 Pathfinder game, I ran a rogue/ranger/wizard/gunslinger/barbarian/fighter who was a blast and a half to play. His versatility and range of ways he could competently react to any situation made him so much fun to play. He also had amazing saves (thanks to 6 first level save scores).

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