Steal [Our] Idea: Famous Monsters and Local Legends (The Gollicking)

Sometimes, creatures haunt a location, develop quirks, or are unique to their species. These creatures are one-of-a-kind and have unique attributes to reflect that.


For mine specifically, Boaun and Oolalyle, you can see them below. For all 10, check out the Reddit post!

Boaun – by RexiconJesse

Huge water-dwelling snake

Lore – While usually passive, Boaun becomes aggressive and territorial when more than 5 creatures of a foreign species occupy its territory. Locals have a legend that some believe is only meant to frighten children into obedience. Travelers who bathe or swim in the river are the ones who usually encounter Boaun.

Behavior – Passive unless it thinks a group is trying to take over its homestead. Then it will sneak, stalk, and strike. It will focus on one person, separating them from the group to kill them before re engaging with the rest.

Mechanical Deviations:

  • Swim speed is 40 ft.

  • Can move to constrict up to two creatures.

  • Can move its full distance even if it is constricting creatures.

  • +5 to stealth when in water.

Oolalyle – by RexiconJesse

Giant Crocodile

Lore – Oolalyle is a giant, freshwater crocodile covered in plants, moss, and small creatures that live on her hide in a symbiotic way. The thick layers of plant life on her scaled hide grant her unmatched hiding capabilities when in the water. It also keeps her and the creatures living on her as wet as if they were underwater for days. She is a harbinger of foreign creatures and has disrupted many ecosystems because of the water-dwelling creatures that travel on her.

Behavior – Oolalyle travels to a new pond or river every few months, never returning to one she’s been to. When a long stretch of land stands between her and her next source of water to dwell in, she will eat whatever is in her way. Horses and deer are her favorite land-based meals.

Mechanical Deviations:

  • Advantage on Stealth checks when in water or in areas with plant life

  • The layers of moss and plant life give her an additional +2 natural armor

  • Oolalyle gets 4d6 sneak damage

  • Creatures hit with Oolalyle’s tail attack must make a constitution save (DC equal to the damage Oolalyle did with her tail attack). A failed save allows the minnow mites Oolalyle carries to burrow into the target’s skin and lay their eggs. In 1d4 weeks, the eggs hatch. The minnow mite babies swim through the host’s bloodstream after birth, giving the affected creature disadvantage on constitutions saves until cured. Minnow mites cannot penetrate a crocodile’s scaled hide, and thus they do not affect Oolalyle. Characters with +1 or more natural armor are not affected by minnow mites.


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