Hello Wizards of the Coast! Here’s a guide highlighting some of my RPG content

Hopefully, Wizards of the Coast is looking at this right now after seeing my resume and cover letter. HI! If you go to the Steal My Idea section of my website, you’ll see all 3+ years of content. But if you want some highlights, just look right here for the links. This offers a quick guide to some highlights.

For a project involving ambition and teamwork, check out the WTF Is My Ridiculous Magic Item Generator (Please excuse the language. We wrote it to the tone of the WTF Is My DnD Character Generator, which we did not make). I was the creative lead, editor, and a writer. I coordinated with six other writers and one programmer to bring that project to life. It can generate over 5 billion unique items. But it’s not just a bunch of nouns and adjectives mashed together. Each item description is grammatically correct, regardless of what combination of features the item has.

(edit: I also did an AMA on reddit.com/r/dndbehindthescreen. The whole AMA is here, but this is one question you may fancy specifically)

GM and Player Resources:



One Shots and Side Quests:


GM Resources:


Traps and Encounters:





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