WTF Is the Local Cuisine Generator

WTF Is the Local Cuisine Generator:

After reading about kiviak (a real thing that exists in our world),

I thought about how few truly local cuisines I’ve experienced in the boundless worlds I’ve visited in RPGs. So, here’s a little (mostly silly) way to solve that.

If you ever need some local flavor in a foreign part of the world, just use this generator to make some local cuisine.

WTF Is the Local Cuisine Generator. All local cuisines include the ingredients, recipe, and how to eat them.

I hope some users find this helpful, fun, or inspiring.

WTF Is the Local Cuisine Generator was lovingly created by Gollicking users: u/RexiconJesse, u/Mimir-ion, u/zweefer, u/PaganUnicorn, & u/Painshifter.

Of course I’m on Twitter [@RexiconJesse] and Instagram [RexiconJesse] and Reddit [u/RexiconJesse] and Good Reads []. Also

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