120 Urban Plot Hooks (Steal Our Idea)

u/famoushippopotamus on lead and edited a list of 120 urban plot hooks.

They’re divided into categories of 20:

  • Arts (Theater, dance, art, music)
  • Nightlife (Drinking, dancing, sex)
  • Shopping (Basics and Luxury)
  • Entertainment (Museum, Library, Zoo, Circus, Auction, Sage)
  • Sports (Team and Solo, and includes Gambling)
  • Nautical (Fishing, diving, sailing, yachting)
  • Events (Any unique or “one off” happenings)
  • Personal (Fortune Telling, Massage, Spa, Religion, etc…)

Events and Personal are in the first set of comments (Because the others hit Reddit’s character limit)

I helped a bunch, so I’m posting a link here for anyone to enjoy. I personally enjoy the avian fighting ring and all of the curses I wrote. But even if you hate those, there’s over a hundred other’s you’ll enjoy.

120 Urban Hooks – r/dndbehindthescreen

So do that. Enjoy!

Of course I’m on Twitter [@RexiconJesse] and Instagram [RexiconJesse] and Reddit [u/RexiconJesse] and Good Reads [Goodreads.com/RexiconJesse]. Also Facebook.com/RexiconJesse


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*Image is City’s Blessing from Magic: The Gathering.

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