Dragons Be Here!

A conversation about people making boring dragons and dragon encounters derailed into making engaging and original dragons and locations for players to encounter.

And thus, this document sprang forth. Here be dragons worth encountering in your game, regardless of your preferred system. My love and affection to all of the contributors: u/RexiconJesse (that’s me!), u/Mimir-ion, u/Fortuan, u/DragonbornDougspan, u/PantherophisNiger, & u/famoushippopotamu.

Dragons! (But say it like Joey Wheeler)


I’m intractable on

  • Reddit (Praising others, Dark Souls theories, and posting my own goodies)
  • Discord (RexiconJesse#2068)
  • Twitter (Bite-sized RPG shenanigans)
  • Instagram (Mostly pictures of costumes)

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