One Page Lore: Quericu

Races in RPGs are often built as one note stereotypes and players get to either play into that or be the exception.

That’s lame. Races should be interesting and only be held back by a players imagination while still being unique among other people.

So in writing this, I had five points I wanted to (attempt to) nail with this idea:

  • Ground each race in what makes them unique and fun to play

  • Separate nature from nurture in development

  • Dump problematic or tired stereotypes

  • Make it an accessible gateway for people who don’t know much about them to learn and expand upon

  • Do it in one page or less (because not everyone wants to/has time to crack open a novel to learn about the origins of a group of people)

For quericu, I wanted to showcase the creativity and unique features that would come about from tree-based people. How they move, how they live, how they gain nutrients. They’re fundamentally different, but they’re still people of the realm.

I wrote this to work mechanically with Lexicon (the system I built), but it also works for any system if you read it simply as lore.

Special thanks to u/DeathMcGunz for critiquing quericu.

One Page Lore: Quericu


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