One Page Lore: Elves

People are a mix of accepting and rejecting parts of their environment as well as how they view and wish to view themselves. For elves, so much of what they’re known for is societal: elitists, elegant, proper. Those are things you learn as you develop, not things you start life with.

So I wanted to deviate from these tropes being racial traits and tap into what might make someone perceive a group of people like this. Like elegance. If elves utilized precise and deliberate movements as a means of energy conservation, others could easily see that as all of them being elegant.

Elves are often shown as having open architecture and enjoying direct sunlight. But why? Thinking about it, having them be cold-blooded gave them a reason to seek those things as a group rather than it be a stylistic choice.

I retooled some old tropes into practical traits while completely dropping others that should be on a character basis instead of an entire people. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful, thoughtful, and useful.

As mentioned, every person is a mix of accepting and rejecting perceived norms, so this isn’t how all elves should be, but an understanding of elves to build from.

One Page Lore: Elves


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