Origins of the Rare and Powerful: 150 Magic Item Short Backstories

If you enjoyed WTF Is My Ridiculous Magic Item Generator (or even if you hated it), you’ll enjoy 150 backstories for magic and powerful items. Some silly. Some serious. It’s a solid spread.

You can check out the full post for all of them:


Written with love by /u/Fortuan, u/PaganUnicorn, u/RexiconJesse (that’s me!), u/Mimir-ion, u/DragonbornDoug, u/arc_onyx, /u/InfinityCircuit, and /u/zweefer

Some of of my contributions:


  • … was carried by a living snowman who said I could keep it if I killed him with it.

  • … fell from the Plane of the Gods.

  • … came to me in a dream where a masked figure stabbed me with it. When I woke up, it sticking out of my gut.

  • … fell out of a painting of a great battle I was staring at.

  • … was forged from the drainage caught in a grease trap.

  • … was a graduation present from a relative only I remember.

  • … was crafted from the teeth of komodo dragons.

  • … is made from the tendrils of a mage who polymorphed into a giant squid.

  • … was in the stomach of a beached sea creature.

  • … was hidden in the same hole I saw a squirrel burying its nuts.

  • … showed up in the post. It was addressed to someone else, but it was my address.

  • … was given to me by a demon. They said “You can either make a deal with me or take this weapon.”

  • … kept replacing things I owned. Every time I didn’t take it, it would appear somewhere else, replacing the object that was there before.

  • … was sticking out of the ground in the center of an abandoned town.

  • … formed as I was pouring myself a glass of wine. I thought I was just drunk, but it was still there when I sobered.

  • … crawled toward me with brittle arms, a shrill voice calling my name. It only stops if it’s on my person.

  • … only manifests if I truly believe it is there.

  • … bought me a drink at the pub.

  • … was actually my barber’s preferred cutting tool. When they passed, they left it to me in their will.


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