One Page Lore Zine is now LIVE ON KICKSTARTER (oops!)

While this was supposed to go up with ZineQuest 2020 on February 2nd, but either through my fault or a website glitch WE’RE LIVE NOW!

Want to go straight to the campaign? Here you go!

This isn’t the launch I wanted or intended, but we’re going to try and make it to $200! Hopefully, it’ll gain some traction despite the early release. And my plan was to make the goal much lower, but life just doesn’t let you do what you want some times :c.

Sharing the video or the campaign with any of your TTRPG friends or groups would be amazing. Sharing, even if you don’t join in, is so helpful. Everyone knows people I don’t, so getting them to see it is a massive help.

For easy linkage:


YouTube Video (with links in description):

Thanks! Stay awesome.

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