50 Plot Hooks for Fighters

Want some plot hooks around a martial character? We’ve got you covered. I’m particularly proud of these:

  • A mysterious figure appears and informs the fighter PC that someone drew the knight card from the Deck of Many Things and they have been selected as the fighter who must be loyal to that person to the death. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • A friend needs help moving, but the giant, sentient insects living in their walls believe all of the stuff in the house belongs to them. Peace was never an option.
  • A beloved NPC is convicted of a horrid crime. They choose trial by combat and ask the fighter PC to fight on their behalf.

The full list was created by /u/DougTheDragonborn, /u/Mimir-ion, /u/RexiconJesse (that’s me!), & /u/InfinityCircuit.

Original Reddit post:


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