The Antagonist’s Multipoint Plan for Success – An All Dice Table

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Every antagonist needs an plan, and the best plans are overly complicated ones. So when you need a large-scale plan with multiple twists, moving parts, and implications, use this all dice table to generate it with just six dice.

u/RexiconJesse, u/DougTheDragonborn, & u/Mimir-ion crafted this. We hope you enjoy it.

Previous All Dice Tables:

1d20 RollIn order to
1.destabilize the entire (choose or roll 1d4: 1. Country 2. Kingdom 3. Cult 4. World) we need to cut off their supply chains,
2.blackmail, persuade, or otherwise buy off the spies, allies, and other influential sources to control the media,
3.magically change a fundamental constant in the world (choose or roll 1d4: 1. The weather 2. Gravity 3. The length of a year 4. How bright the sun is), making it now appear random,
4.force the spirits of the dead haunt the living, to sow chaos among the church,
5.enact our revenge, we will need to move the center of the plane just enough to change its distance from the Elemental Plane of Fire. This will cause fires to burn colder, thus disrupting cooking, smithing, and other constants of the world. To do so,
6.destabilize the economy, we will carve on as many gold pieces as possible, almost invisible to the naked eye. In 1d4+1 years time, the gold piece on which it is scribed will cast the fireball spell. In theory, this will kill the rich and destroy the public image of banks. So,
7.intercept the master copy of a new religious text and slightly alter some verbiage. This will soon be copied hundreds of times. Slight changes will likely go unnoticed until the appropriate time. This means
8.replace my public-facing self with a doppelganger, so my true self can tend to other things, forever, I’ll be collecting phylacteries, so
10.create the perfect killing beast, we will need to crossbreed and magically enhance very particular species. For that,
11.banish a deity/pantheon from the realm entirely,
12.ascend to (demi)godhood,
13.extinguish the sun and call forth the era of the Underdark,
14.dominate all eldritch beings, the world from the inevitable chaos, we have to implode magic as a source, making it magicless altogether. First,
16.create and establish the most powerful cult, down the moon,
18.rule the land as far as the eye can see from the skies, up hellfire onto the sinners,
20.protect the world from desolation and unite each and every nation,
1d12 Rollwe are going to need an army. Let’s
1.rally forces from several disenfranchised groups with the promise of resources.
2.use the weather to our advantage, sailing the shores to spread our grasp in all the coastal cities.
3.sell their soul to devils so we can amass a large army of lesser devils, such as imps, to help with running errands.
4.contract the help of (or enchant) twelve creatures, one for each zodiac. to the modrons, being of pure law, are programmed to construct a vital piece to the plan.
6.capture, enslave, then release ankhegs in key areas to carve out tunnels for transport of essential supplies.
7.assemble thousands of willing subjects to have the gaseous form spell cast upon them. Then they will assume the role of spying clouds and fog.
8.plunging most of our funds into advertisements, so we can garner interest from lowlifes and some lower-working class.
9.convince a Fey Court that our plan is in their favour. on the Old Masters to create a formidable force for us.
11.entrap, blackmail, and solicit countless ghost-like undead trapped between the realms.
12.Harness the power of the seas by enslaving leviathans beneath the waves.
1d10 RollThen, no one will see this coming:
1.A person in a position of great power (choose or roll 1d4: 1. King/Queen 2. Chosen one 3. Demigod 4. Hero of the lands) secretly begins working for us.
2.Prophecies begin coming true at an alarming rate, all working to further our plan.
3.We cause some odd and unexplainable events, including spells calling out a specific name when cast, weapons cracking in the shape of a specific sigil, and the words in books rearranging.
4.Grothror’nrork, the elder evil known as “the Orchestrator” sees a light at the end of the tunnel, and decides to shift the constellations for us, disrupting navigation all over the world.
5.A dormant parasite inside a world leader has now awoken, and sides with us, rallying those under them.
6.We create a terrible storm that wipes out nearly half of forces of the enemy.
7.We switch sides.
8.We lower the effects of gravity by 80%.
9.We fund a rebellion upon the upper class, allowing the majority of a nation to turn against the rich.
10.My future self will arrive, telling us what went right and wrong, allowing us to change the plan accordingly.
1d8 RollThat’s when the plan officially takes root.
1.An outspoken group of people begin peacefully advocating for us and our goals in public venues.
2.As chaos tears parts of the world asunder, the leaders of those lands seek our aid.
3.The laymen begin to notice more and more shooting stars across the sky, marking their end.
4.One of my long lost, and now powerful, family members joins our cause, adding their followers to ours.
5.A deity has seen our plans and sees its merit, albeit in a twisted way to further their own.
6.The realm takes on a universal currency, making gold, silver, and copper worthless. Since we control the exchange rate, we can give those who work against us less. The currency will have my face on it, of course.
7.The gateways to other planes remain open, creating infinite pathways to other worlds within a set amount of physical space in our plane.
8.Differing countries and empires throughout the land agree on a single truth: magic, both practiced and enchanted items, is illegal for anyone but officials and their militaries.
1d6 RollFor insult to injury,
1.several key people who spoke out against us will die “peacefully” in their sleep.
2.after deliberation, a select few prisons release particularly powerful prisoners to fight in favor of survival, only to scatter once released. news reaches the smaller civilizations, the store fronts are picked clean of valuable necessities.
4.the pantheon splits and demands their subjects take sides.
5.those who do not agree with us are cursed, forcing them to only speak elvish.
6.I will reveal my true self.
1d4 RollRight before the end,
1.I gain a substantial position of power.
2.we start a battle in a “god blind,” an area where divine connections are barely able to stand strong.
3.someone close to our enemies will turn against them.
4.everyone who is with us will speak in one voice “We are the means to the end,” and turn upon those who did not speak.

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