Since You’ve Been Gone: What NPCs Have Been up to in the Party’s Absence | An All Dice Table

What happens to a specific NPC when the players leave town? Do they just work at their job, sleep, repeat until the players return? Nothing new or important happening in their life?

With a roll of a set of dice, you can learn what they’ve been doing while the players were away, giving the NPC some life and personality- and maybe even putting them in a new position or place in the world.

Most events are relatively good things-or at least not directly negative. And that’s because we’ve got a few more All Dice Tables in mind that will tackle different events based on what the GM wants.

This was created by u/RexiconJesse and u/DougTheDragonborn. We hope you enjoy it.

1d4 RollShortly after you left,
1they got curious about finding their own adventure.
2they had an in depth conversation with their best friend about what they truly wanted out of life.
3they fell head over heels for a deity.
4they were killed and resuscitated by the villain.
1d6 RollThis turn of events allowed them to hone their craft:
1writing and performing politically-charged poetry to entertain and influence the masses.
2organizing relief and offering aid for those in need.
4the art of song.
5translating between languages.
6enchanting weapons and armor with love and embroidery.
1d8 RollUsing their craft,
1they toured around the continent, learning what they could from others like them.
2they turned their efforts toward finding a partner who shared their goals so they could encourage each other to master their crafts.
3they exhausted themself from keeping their day job and spending every night mastering their craft; burning the candle at both ends.
4they felt like something was missing, and they sunk into a deep depression, drinking heavily every night and believing they would never be able to achieve their dream.
5they stumbled upon a major influx in income.
6they turned to the criminal underworld for coin.
7they started a business, sold it, and became a well-known brand consultant.
8they set out to train the next generation as a mentor in their field.
1d10 RollWhich led to them meeting…
1a teacher who could support them while they learned their craft… for a price.
2a ghostly apparition with secrets of the craft unknown by mortals.
3a religious sect that believes the highest form of worship is being an expert at your chosen craft.
4an angry mob who didn’t agree with their choices and threatened violence against them.
5a lover they never expected to fall for.
6a rival business person who challenged them in a way they were not prepared for.
7a talking cat.
8an ancient mage who lost their memory.
9themselves in a dream with a message about the future.
10an invisible psychic force that only speaks when they are alone.
1d12 RollThey found true happiness in…
1giving up on their quest and spending more time with their loved ones.
2disregarding the expectations of others and carving their own path through life.
3teaching others to be better rather than trying to be the best.
4forgetting the concept of time and living in the moment.
5traveling and making friends with new people from all over.
6settling down and being a cornerstone of their community.
7sparring for the amusement of hundreds of fans.
8eating a new dish every day.
9sleeping in the day and partying at night.
10recording memoirs of those who are on their deathbed.
11the spectacle of dance.
12paying it forward.
1d20 RollNow they…
1sleep soundly, knowing of the good they caused.
2are constantly on the run from the law.
3search for all their extended family for one big family reunion.
4take solace knowing the craft they perfected will be passed to the next generation, eager to see how they advance it further.
5work hard, probably too hard for someone their age.
6ramble about how it was so much better in the good ole days.
7ask you one last favor: to end them where they stand.
8are requesting counsel from the local baron.
9are completely out of money.
10ask you to help with writing their last will and testament.
11starting to feel like maybe they made a mistake.
12are trying to figure out how to structure their life around their new goals.
13are unknowingly helping someone they cannot stand.
14are secretly helping people others are working against.
15are starting to believe they know how everyone should live.
16are very understanding and always give excellent advice based on their experiences.
17are reshaping their community to better suit their interests and the needs of their neighbors.
18are on the counsel as a representative of their field of interest.
19are rehabilitating folks who are coming out of incarceration to gain new skills.
20have a double life as a vigilante who fights the horrible people in their community.

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