A Pub Called Quest (New PDF of Itch)(Also It’s Free)

Sometimes you want to go where everybody has a name…  And you get that pub on RexiconJesse.itch.io

Every GM knows the joke: The players ignore the NPC with the ! above their head and gravitate to the one person drinking alone at the tavern because (insert player logic).

This lone drinker has no backstory, name, look, personality, or even reason for being there other than making sure the tavern isn’t empty.

So we present to you: A Pub Called Quest. Quest is a tavern where each of the 18 NPCs has a name, place in the pub, distinct look, personality, quirk, and even a quest. You can drop Quest into existence any time or place you want in your game. All quests stand alone, allowing players to do only one or complete them all in any order. Some have a few connections.

A Pub Called Quest is system agnostic, so use it with any fantasy game you prefer.  

If you want to emphasize what makes each folk unique, you can check out One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk for details, though A Pub Called Quest can stand on its own.

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