Since You’ve Been Gone… 3 All Dice Tables for NPC life Events

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What happens to a specific NPC when the players leave town? Do they just work at their job, sleep, repeat until the players return? Nothing new or important happens  in their life? Not with these tables. Weird stuff is going to happen.

With  a set of dice, you can learn what they’ve been doing while the players were away, giving the NPC some life and personality- maybe even putting them in a new position or place in the world.

This book contains 3 All Dice Tables for NPCs. One for general events, such as getting a new occupation, finding  love, or going on their own adventure. One for unfortunate events, such as  being cursed, getting into debt with the wrong people, or having an unfortunate encounter with monsters. And one for absolutely absurd events, such as having a deity fall in love with them, dying (possibly not for very long), or growing additional heads with their own agendas.

Written by Jesse Galena (me!) and Thomas George.

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