A New All Dice Table All About Villains!

https://rexiconjesse.itch.io/one-thing-led-to-another is u/DougTheDragonborn and my new All Dice Table doc. It contains 3 new All Dice Tables, each one fleshing out and making a element of the villain or their plan more dynamic and fun.

  • One Thing Led to Another… generates an origin for your villain base on seemingly mundane events that continue to escalate until they become the villain they are today.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to the Villain’s Multipoint Plan is exactly what it sounds like. It generates a step-by-step outline of the major points of their evil scheme.
  • The Unexpected Banes and Boons They Experienced for Their Plan keeps their plan from getting stale or going too well by introducing unexpected benefits and penalties that force them to alter their plan.

You can also check out our other All Dice Table collection that’s all about NPCs.

Stay safe out there, all. Keep being inclusive.

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