Grinderbin’s Mobile Market of Ridiculous Magic Items. 100+ low-powered, quirky, magic items. Live on Kickstarter

Most important: The LINK!

Second most important: The DETAILS!

Those Juicy details:

Getting a magic item should be a highlight of a session. It should keep the person who got it engaged with it for many games after.


Instead, they get bored with their +1 Greatsword of Genercism and start daydreaming about the +2 Bastard Sword of More Damage.

Magic is fun. Stuff is fun. Magic stuff should be super fun. Fun to get and fun to use in any context: combat, roleplaying, heists, whatever. It shouldn’t be a thing that happens only after a player saved every copper for 15 levels so they could afford one item. And if that one item can wreck your whole game, that’s a problem. GMs shouldn’t have to choose between balancing their game and giving out fun things. You can – and should – have both.

So I fixed it.

Grinderbin’s Mobile Market of Ridiculous Magic Items is a collection of low-powered, unique, and sometimes bizarre magic items designed to spark joy and incite creativity in GMs and players alike. Each item (weapon, armor, hovering pony, etc.) has specific and unique magical properties. Each one comes with a list of components for upgrades, potential side-quests, or potential flaws for the GM to exploit. Most importantly, they’re designed to balance fun and power; you can give a player three or four of these and not worry about them wrecking the game. Best of all, they’ll actually want to *use* them too.

Think it sounds neat? Tell other folks that might like it. Hate it and hate me for making it? Still tell folks. Maybe one of them will find it interesting.

Thanks to stellar backers, we’ve reach the goal and hit a few stretch goals. Lets see how far we can ride this!

Here’s the link again:

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