Besties, Questies, and the Resties: 3 new All Dice Tables now on Itch

This might be my favorite dumb name we’ve come up with for a set of All Dice Tables. But it’s also a good set of All Dice Tables.

NPCs (non-player characters) are a source of lifeblood for the world. How active and compelling they are is often a reflection on how engaging the world as a whole is. They are a window into cultures, mysteries, and the personalities that make exploring and roleplaying enjoyable.

But sometimes, you don’t have a fleshed-out NPC at the ready, let alone their appearance, connection to their community, occupation, or even a minor (or major) quest they need some savvy people to help them with. So the 3 All Dice Tables in this collection help with fleshing out an NPC! Check it out and enjoy!

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