NEW (Free) Book: It’s Totally Safe to Go Alone – (Mostly) Non-Violent Encounters for Safe Roads, Peaceful Cities, and Other Chill Places


Sometimes when you’re running a ttrpg, the party has a long trek down a relatively safe route where bandits, monsters, and other typical encounters are rare. Sometimes you want players to return to a familiar place with one specific thing clearly out of place. Sometimes you want to introduce an encounter that doesn’t require violence to resolve it.

Whatever the reason, you need a unique and engaging event that fits into a peaceful setting.

For those times, here’s a collection of plot hooks, encounters, and events that can occur while traveling through relatively safe places such as well-traveled roads, peaceful cities, and more.

And it’s free! Pay whatever you want, share it with whomever you like (or hate)!

Enjoy! Here’s the link again:

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