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Jesse Galena (is a butt)

Professionally, I am the author of The Corrupted Kingdom, and I am currently editing and writing new sci-fi, fantasy, and horror novels. For my website, I do two different video game reviews for Late to the Party and Games on the Throne, I write other stuff that vary in topics, and I scribe my most enjoyable RPG experiences for you to use under Steal My Idea. I also do freelance and ghostwriting on the side. I have experience doing freelance writing, content writing, ghostwriting, article writing, writing novels, writing screenplays, and writing comic book/graphic novel scripts. I also do video and audio editing for fun.

Socially, I’m awkward. I’m a sadistic GM (game master) who enjoys bathing in the tears of my players, a Silent Hill (1-4), Dark Souls, and Rat Queens fanboy, a seamster, a cosplayer, a Magic: The Gathering noob, and an annoying husband who relishes every moment of it. I do not believe there is such a thing as too many puns, and I cannot seem to keep plants alive.

Spiritually, I believe we should love each other more than we love ourselves and thank God for our existence.

If you’re interested in contacting me for work, a review copy of my book, questions, or literally anything thing else, you should send me an email: jessegalena(at)gmail(dot)com

Twitter: @RexiconJesse



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