#DnDecember 6: A moment of despair

I’m a size tiny sprite witch.
Our party is in the fifth straight hour of battling cultists in a dungeon.
I’m low on spells.
Enemy mage casts a spell.
I roll spellcraft and recognize what the spell is. It will make ice spikes rise from the ground and impale all creatures in its radius.
Myself and our damage tank (Ji-Gon) are within the spell’s radius. We’re both dangerously low on hit points.
I knew the spell required a reflex save. Take no damage on save. Full damage on failure.
I spend a hero point to act out of turn, interrupting the mage’s action for one action of my own.
I need to get us both out of the spell’s radius. I’m a 12-inch tall sprite. Ji-Gon is a size large giant in full armor. I can’t dive tackle him and get us both out.
My reflex save is better than his.
I spend my action and cast a telekinesis spell, pushing him out of the spell’s area of effect.
The spell goes off.
I grit my teeth and roll my reflex save.
I have decent saves but bonuses for my size and high dex.
I roll a 3.
That’s not good enough.
A pillar of spike impales me, pinning me to the ceiling of the cave.
Massive damage, around 20 points into the negatives.
Ji-Gon lived, slaying that mage a few turns later.
The other mage used spell slots each day to preserve my body so they could bury me at home after they completed the quest.
It was a beautiful death. It was a sad death. It was an epic moment in the story.

Steal My Idea: Side Quest: The Ring of Exponential Value

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Totally unrelated to anything going on in my life right now (feel free to read that in a sarcastic tone), I thought I’d make this Steal My Idea about fun and interesting side quests you can insert into your game. You can use these quests as missions that tie into your story, related but not critical to the main story quests for your players, or as fillers so your players can have fun because you didn’t have enough time write up a full adventure.

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Steal My Idea: Two Encounters and a Trap Your Players Won’t See Coming

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I love surprising players. Even if your players are in a skeleton-lined tunnel made by kobolds that leads to the tomb of Loki, you can still surprise them with a good trap or encounter.

I’m not including stats for these traps and encounters. They are ideas you can use in basically any system and any level, so shape them according to your group.


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Steal My Idea: 3 Level One Characters Ideas You Might Not Have Tried (Amnesia Is Not One of Them)

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Level one (or its equivalent for whatever system you’re using) is a great place for characters to start in a new campaign. However, because level one characters don’t have impressive stats, skills, or abilities compared to what they will have, it’s easy for some players to make relatively young and lacking experience. Playing an inexperienced or young character now learning the ropes every time you start a low-level game can get old. If you need some ideas, here are some you can steal to can make a more interesting and experienced low-level character. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 3 Level One Characters Ideas You Might Not Have Tried (Amnesia Is Not One of Them)”

Steal My Idea: Too Much Table Talk? Ideas to Encourage Role-Playing and Staying in Character

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Table talk (discussing what to do as players) is great, but too much of it can squash a good campaign. It’s easy to slip into using player knowledge about the mechanics or content of the material to deduce the best solution for the situation knowing things their characters would never know. Unfortunately, it cheapens the game, both for the players and the GM. It’s something I sometimes do as a player as well, so I wanted to share some methods that both players and GMs can do to help make role playing more integrated into the game itself.Recently, a friend asked me if I had any ideas to help encourage or reward role-playing, so I wanted to share it with everyone. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Too Much Table Talk? Ideas to Encourage Role-Playing and Staying in Character”

Steal My Idea: 3 Curses Your Players Won’t Expect

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When playing a tabletop RPG, especially one with a familiar system or world, it can be hard to surprise your players. Many people know what a mind flayer does or how barbarian rage works or what a basilisk’s gaze will do to your complexion. I love creating new content to throw my players off. Curses, I’ve found, are a great way to add some misfortune and ratchet up the tension by introducing something they didn’t expect and cannot necessarily predict. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 3 Curses Your Players Won’t Expect”

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