Cults of the Little Gods

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The Little Gods that hide in the crowded places of the world are myriad and their powers bubble, rise, and burst as favor and status waxes and wanes among their followers. They are just as important to the Major Deities, but their followers are the common folk, the needy, and the disenfranchised.

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Orcs are More than Beefcakes with an Axe: One Page Lore: Orcs

This is an excerpt from One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk. Orcs and details on 20 other fantasy folk (including halflings, gnomes, lizardfolk, and more) each have their own one-page entry. You can purchase it at

Orcs are way more interesting than just being total beefcakes. I don’t see much lore about them going into what it would mean to be so naturally strong or how they differ from other folk on a biological level. They don’t have to be warlike or tribal to stand out. Orcs can exist in a variety of ways. They have their own unique abilities and drawbacks.

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The Antagonist’s Multipoint Plan for Success – An All Dice Table

Pre-orders for One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk, my latest RPG book, are 50% off. It releases on June 8th on

Every antagonist needs an plan, and the best plans are overly complicated ones. So when you need a large-scale plan with multiple twists, moving parts, and implications, use this all dice table to generate it with just six dice.

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