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Steal My Idea: Keeping Combat Interesting


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I love swinging scythes, utilizing superpowers, and crashing spaceships as much as the next player. Combat in RPGs can be thrilling and very fulfilling. However, when round after round results in the same “attack, get attacked, attack, etc” combination, it can get a bit stale. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Keeping Combat Interesting”

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Official Mailing List

I’m one step closer to becoming a professional writer. While I already have one book out (shameless plug), now I have a mailing list so you can stay up on new books, deals on old ones, and appearance updates.

Sign up here or from the “Join the mailing list” link up top.

If you sign up, I will feel the most loved ^_^. I’ll also feel like spending ALL DAY getting Mailchimp to work was worth it.

I need ice cream and soda.


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Games on the Throne: Dark Lands

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 What is it?

Dark Land is a side-scrolling runner where you jump over or slide under traps and obstacles as well as attack and defend against various monsters. It is basically Dark Souls meets Happy Wheels. You earn (or purchase) gems and spend them to upgrade your health, attack, and agility (though I still don’t know what upgrading your agility does).


  • It has both set levels that increase in difficulty and skill required as well as a survival mode where you run and fight for as long as you can.
  • The bosses are fun and challenging.
  • The game play is difficult but it requires skill more than luck.
  • It’s free, there are no ads, and it’s not pay to win.



  • While I like the survival mode more than the normal levels, they get redundant too quickly.
  • It requires two hands to play, and you have to hold the device sideways.
  • Precision movements + well-hidden traps = unexpected clenching.



I played Dark Lands a lot, but after a while, it was to prove to myself that I could beat the level rather than playing it for enjoyment. If the Dark Souls x Happy Wheels pitch doesn’t sell you, don’t feel bad skipping this one. If that comparison does interest you at all, definitely give it a download.

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Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part One)

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I created two incredibly powerful weapons for the story of one of my campaigns to revolve around.


The first weapon was Occam’s Razor. It was a wickedly sharp sword, and the legend said the wielder could bend reality to her will (twice a day), so long as what she wished to happen made logical sense and didn’t require too many assumptions. If a character wanted to go somewhere, she could hold Occam’s Razor and explain how she could get a ride. She couldn’t say “I wish a helicopter would come down from the sky and pick us up” but the character could say “That nice nun with the twin pistols who drives the church van (an established NPC in that campaign) lives around here. It would make sense if we saw her driving by.” Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part One)”

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Games on the Throne: Tetris

Games on the Throne10What is it?

Tetris requires no introduction, because if you tried to explain it, you’d bore the audience into doing something that sounded more interesting. Either you love Tetris, or you probably don’t care about it.


–          It’s been the go to game to play while pooping since the original Game Boy version.

–          It’s simple to play, and you probably already know the rules. If not, you can learn them in less than a minute.

–          It’s free.

–          … It’s Tetris. Continue reading “Games on the Throne: Tetris”

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The Never-Ending Nightmare – My Guest Post about how the First Silent Hill Game Changed My Life

I did a guest post over on Wagging the Fox about how the first Silent Hill game got me into horror as a genre, how it influenced me as a horror author, and how it influenced The Corrupted Kingdom. Give it a read!

Jesse Galena


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On Time to the Party: Conquest of Elysium 4



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Price I paid: The developers, ill winter, gave me a copy of Conquest of Elysium 4 before release. If you think receiving a free copy would influence me to put a positive spin on my review rather than being truthful, I swear on the sales of my books, this is an honest review.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steam OS.

Made by: ill winter.

91% of my knowledge on strategy games comes from playing Dominions 4, and the other 9% comes from hearing my old roommate complain about StarCraft 2. Since the same people who made Conquest for Elysium 4 made Dominions 4, the knowledge I had of the latter did give me a bit of an edge. Continue reading “On Time to the Party: Conquest of Elysium 4”