I’ve been sharing Lexicon with some people online. Rather than emailing it out each time, I wanted to make a landing page to host it and track it.

If you’re interested in running it or test playing it, tell me!

I will update this as changes are made to the system, but this is where the latest version can always be found.

The latest file with the best file name ever:

Here’s a quick video for those who (like me) retain more from visual aids and audio than reading:

Documented changes:

  • 11/16/18. Clarified how to apply qualities for defense in “success isn’t easy” section.
  • 12/27/18. u/Foofie made a character sheet, which you can get right here.
  • 12/27/18. Reworking damage to go from body parts and mind to three categories: Focus, Vitality, and Endurance. Increased damage from 5 to 7 in one category to go unconscious. Increased death to 10 damage in one category.
  • 02/27/19. Reworked damage and divided damage into 3 categories: focus, vitality, and endurance (rules updated to 0.0.3).
  • 09/09/2019. Working on “clusters of qualities” for high-level games.
  • 06/29/2020. Added clusters, critical success, catastrophic success, table of contents list of qualities for helping build a characters, changed some wording.

LEXICON (0.0.4). The Complete Rules (all 10 pages of rules and a few extra pages of fun, well, extras)

Character sheets

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