Steal My Idea: Witch-Knight Vincal’s Armor: Soul Spinner

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While Vincal used most of her magic offensively, she had a few tricks when it came to defense. The intricate, overlapping plates of her armor looked strong and sturdy, convincing most observers that harming her with a strike would be a difficult task. The key to her armor, however, was not its thickness or masterfully crafted design; it was how it manipulated her spells to keep her alive. Each plate is enchanted to tune them to the soul of the user. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Witch-Knight Vincal’s Armor: Soul Spinner”

Steal My Idea: 3 Non-Magical Items Worth Having

I love non-magical items and weapons that are more involved, interesting, functional, or useful than a typical item of the same type. There are a lot of cultures, religions, and people in RPG settings that willingly avoid using magical items for a variety of reasons. There are also those who just can’t afford magical items and have to make something that gives them an edge without using magic. And then there are people who want to use non-standard items and eventually enchant them to make them even more powerful. For those looking for unique weapons, here’s three you can steal. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 3 Non-Magical Items Worth Having”

Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Three)

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The party now had Occam’s Razor and Awesome’s Razor. They were actively working against Solaris who they knew had access to Arkham’s Razor. While they did not know where Solaris was, the effects of Arkham’s Razor were becoming more and more disruptive to the world around them. Cities full of people were springing into existence. The laws of physics would sometimes change for a brief moment to ensure the party did not succeed at a specific task or so an adversary could gain an advantage. Worse, there were signs of reality beginning to tear from excessive use of the sword’s powers. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Three)”

Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Two)

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While holding Occam’s Razor, one of the players accidentally said something that made logical sense:

“If there are two of these weapons, shouldn’t there be more of these insanely powerful artifacts with different, awesome powers?” This phrase accidentally created two new reality-bending weapons. I told the player that he felt some power leave the sword, but he didn’t know exactly what it did. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Two)”

Steal My Idea: Mr. Gobbs, the Goblin Weaselmancer

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Sometimes you make a character for the sole purpose of being a joke. A dwarf bard. A flesh golem paladin. A ranger/rouge/gunslinger/fighter/wizard/barbarian. A character that is enjoyable to play but isn’t meant to excel at anything or even be particularly useful. But sometimes, despite a lack of planning, lady luck shrugs her shoulders and gives you an edge, and that character becomes an actual benefit to the party rather than a liability. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Mr. Gobbs, the Goblin Weaselmancer”

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