Tips For Lessening Anxiety When Gaming With Strangers: My Guest Post on

Danielle at The Angsty Nerd writes about social anxiety, mental health, and nerd culture. I caught up with her a few weeks ago, and she gave me a platform to write a piece I’d been thinking about for some time.

Critical Success: Tips For Lessening Anxiety When Gaming With Strangers

Give it a read. My hope is that it will help some people with managing their social anxiety and enjoy themselves.


Getting Back into Comics

Several of these comics are NSFW due to violence, language, sexual content, or all of the above. Be advised.

Slice of Life Comics

Junior Science Power Hour (web)


The Devil’s Panties (web)

C Cassandra (web)

Sunstone (Web and print)



Spinnerette (web or print)

Princess Lovepon (web)

Danger Club

Shadoweyes (web or print)

The Tick

Scott Pilgrim



Sci fi/Fantasy: Continue reading “Getting Back into Comics”

illogicon 2017 and being back from Christmas break ^_^

Ahoy, mateys!

It feels good to post again after a few weeks of Christmas and New Years madness and fun.There will be a new Steal My Idea up this week and a Late To The Party review for Dark Souls 3.

If you’re going to be anywhere close to Durham/Raleigh, NC in January, COME TO ILLOGICON! It is January 13-15 at Embassy Suites Raleigh-Durham/Research Triangle. I’m in five panels:

  • Colorful Kaiju (Building giant monsters and why they’re awesome)
  • Get Back into Comics (How to get back into comics and some suggestions on new comics to read)
  • Princes and Paupers (The roll of class in fantasy stories)
  • Technology and Storytelling in Games (self-explanatory)
  • Gaming 201 (Tips on upping your game)

There are lots of other great panels as well as gaming, authors, and live filk music happening all weekend. It’s a fantastic con.

I hope to see you there! And here’s an adorable gif of a rhino:

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