Quit Horsing Around: 5 D&D 5e Vermin Mounts [Steal [Our] Idea]

In worlds brimming with impossible creatures, why only use horses for mounts? The range of available mounts stops only at your willingness to find and train them.

If you want to add some personality or quirks to each creature, swing by Steal [Our] Idea: More Than Hairy Motorcycles: Horse Breeds, Personality Traits, Visual Distinctions, and How They all Matter

While you can easily adapt for other systems, they are designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

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Steal [Our] Idea: More Than Hairy Motorcycles: Horse Breeds, Personality Traits, Visual Distinctions, and How They all Matter

[Also available on PDF: HorseBreedsByTheGollicking]

Travel is a distinct part of RPGs. Often times, player’s mounts are all but forgotten in scuffles or when left at the mouth of a dungeon. We think that is a shame. Horses should be as special as magic items, having names and distinct appearances. They should almost be an NPC’s of their own, with personalities, quirks, and good and bad behaviour.

Whenever your players are looking for a new steed or pack buddy, you can follow this guide. The first step is to figure out which breeds would be for sale in the region. You can use this guide to pick a distinct breed and roll for two random traits and a distinguishing feature. Or if you find a horse in the wild, you can roll a d20 to find out which breed it is.

We have a lot of love for non-horse mounts too (war dogs, reptiles, dire chickens…) and we plan on making rules for those as well, but these are all strictly horses.

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What’s better than a sensical yet ridiculous magic item generator?

A sensical yet ridiculous item generator that can now generate OVER 5 BILLION ITEMS!

All unique, ridiculous, and (probably) not cursed!

We improved and updated the WHAT THE FUCK IS MY RIDICULOUS MAGIC ITEM GENERATOR and packed it with even more possible items.

So if you want an out-of-my-first-range-increment bane crossbow or a set of  iron spikes that create tangible sexual tension whenever you make finger guns, check out the generator. 5 billion+ items with a new one available as quickly as you can click.


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Steal [Our] Idea: Cats are too cute to be mundane



Fellow Gollicking pal and Reddit user /u/DeathMcGunz edited more “mundane” creature entries for the new type of monster manual. The Gollicking did birds last time, and this time, we did cats! Everything from tabby’s to Cheetahs.

You can see all of the cat posts over on r/dndbehindthescreen. If you want the mechanical/extended versions of the ones I created, here they are:

Exotic Shorthair

Flat-faced and fluffy, exotic shorthairs have a unique cuteness that draws admiration, especially from those who love animals. Exotic shorthairs are like a constant charm spell. They manipulate people with their sly voices and patient movements. Their typical modus operandi is to make kids do things they shouldn’t, but they’ve been known to control their “owners”, even those in high ranking positions.

Full: Exotic shorthairs can cast Charm Person as a first level spell at will, attempting to force anyone within 30 ft to notice and adore them. The DC is 10 but is increased by 5 if the affected person is proficient with the handle animal skill. Anyone with an expressed love for cats rolls with disadvantage.


Cheshire Cat

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Steal [Our] Idea: Birds – A New Type of Monster Manual

The Gollicking swoops in again! We’re doing an ongoing project where we take mundane animals and give them minor qualities that make them special. Not quite monster manual entries, but something that gives them a fun edge.

We started with birds, and you can find all of them here.

While you should check them all out, I specifically wrote the entries for crows, hummingbirds, geese, and seagulls. Editing was done by the poster and awesome user u/DeathMcGunz.


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Full entries available if you click to continue reading!

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