Steal My Idea: Your Background in Stats: Discover your Homestead and the trials you faced according to your highest and lowest stats (also quickly make NPC backgrounds)

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If you grew up among thieves and struggled to find each meal, you’d have different priorities and knowledge than the child of a profitable cult leader on the outskirts of society. And your stats would reflect that.

These charts show you where you grew up and the unfortunate circumstances in that environment that helped shape you. This is not who you are now. These are events and conditions that you grew up with. How you accepted or fought against them decides who you are now.

This is meant for inspiration for players and DMs when crafting NPCs. If any of the origins inspire you, then use them. This is a method to find a set environment for a character to grow up within without you having to choose. After all, none of us get to select where we grow up. We simply choose what we do with the lessons we learned. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Your Background in Stats: Discover your Homestead and the trials you faced according to your highest and lowest stats (also quickly make NPC backgrounds)”

Steal [Our] Idea – The Red Sky Hydra: The Living Ship for GMs Who Like a Role-Playing Challenge

Thanks to fellow Gollicking members u/Paddywagon for writing Flannibal the Cannibal, and u/DwizKhalifa for writing Dirty Jones.In the city of Valtarin, a curse caused the residents to become animate objects. While everyone else was trapped within the city limits, the guards and prisoners in the dungeon near the edge of the ocean experienced a different fate. Rather than becoming separate objects, they all became different parts of the same ship. They alone have the ability to escape the bounds of the curse, allowing them to sail the high seas… when they can coordinate long enough to do so.The Red Sky Hydra is a two-mast merchant ship equipped with a dozen cannons. It’s figurehead is an eleven-headed hydra, and it’s serpentine body stretches down the length of the ship on both sides.

Steal My Cult: Hum Alshirih, on behalf of the God of Wizards


For more on the Gollicking’s cult series, check out The Order of the White Rose and The Harvesters by u/Mimir-ion

Deity – Azuth, God of Wizards (LN, Knowledge)

Cult NameHum Alshirih (hum ah-l-sh-ah-re)

SymbolA swirling length of hair with flames behind it

“Teach the wielding of magic and dispense learning throughout Faerûn so the use and knowledge of magic may spread.” – Azuth.

Azuth, the Lord of Spellcraft. The First Magister. Hand of Sorcery. His many names all contain the most common words for magic, truly making him inseparable from the craft itself. And that union of magic and the self is what Hum Alshirih strive to replicate. Most mages see magic as a tool. They can learn spells that aid them in some fashion. For Hum Alshirih, they wish to become magic.

Many people view Azuth’s religion as tradition-bound. So does the Hum Alshirih. Magic is about expanding, changing, evolving, and growing. No spell, no idea, no person cannot be made better with additional work. Hum Alshirih will forsake the old ideas when new ones allow them to delve deeper into making themselves into a truly magical being.

Continue reading “Steal My Cult: Hum Alshirih, on behalf of the God of Wizards”

Steal My Idea: 3 Memorable Boss Battles for You to Steal

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The promise of a future battle with a formidable antagonist can help motivate players, and defeating a boss can be an excellent segue into a new part of a campaign. However, the impact of boss battles can fall flat if nothing about them stands out as being special, unique, or game-changing. Whatever you choose to do, a boss battle needs to stand out in a memorable way Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 3 Memorable Boss Battles for You to Steal”

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