Steal My Idea: Tabletop Day D&D 5e 10 Page Adventure FOR YOU

International Tabletop Day is this Saturday! Celebrate by running a game of Dungeons and Dragons 5e for friends and/or strangers. Don’t have a one shot adventure at the ready? STEAL THIS ONE.

This adventure is built for around 4 characters at level 4. I designed it so you can easily tweak the difficulty if you have more players. If you have 3 players, you could bump the player’s levels up to 5 to keep it from being too much of a challenge. Or tweak it on the fly if you dare.

This is totally free for you! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it impresses someone at a game company so they’re hire me. I’m currently looking for a job designing board games and/or RPGs, so if you got any connections, I love you forever if you share.

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! And happy Tabletop Day!

It you want a PDF of this adventure, get it here: Distant Screams – A DnD 5e Adventure by Jesse Galena

–This D&D 5e adventure was written and designed by Jesse Galena, and it is free for anyone to use. I am seeking employment as a developer for board games and RPGs. If you have any connections and you don’t think my work is trash, please pass it along or contact me. You can contact me on Twitter: @RexiconJesse, Reddit: u/RexiconJesse, or email: jessegalena[at]

For loads more RPG material, check out Steal My Idea on my website:

Thank you, enjoy, and happy International Tabletop Day–

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