Steal My Idea: 6 Unique Items to Pepper into Your Game (or to Ask Your GM for)

Items and weapons are one of my favorite things to discover. Even items or weapons that use a spell effect or something already established in the system are more fun when you put an interesting spin on them. You can use them for loot, villains’ items, or things to add something unexpected. These are far less complicated and easier to slip into your game than The Ring of Exponential Value or The Rings of the Two Best Friends. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 6 Unique Items to Pepper into Your Game (or to Ask Your GM for)”

Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Two)

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While holding Occam’s Razor, one of the players accidentally said something that made logical sense:

“If there are two of these weapons, shouldn’t there be more of these insanely powerful artifacts with different, awesome powers?” This phrase accidentally created two new reality-bending weapons. I told the player that he felt some power leave the sword, but he didn’t know exactly what it did. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Two)”

Steal My Ideas: Interactive Backstory Session

A newer version of this along with some diagrams is now available (still for free) on

No matter the setting, genre, or how familiar/unfamiliar the group is with each other, having a world each player can understand, react to, and influence is invaluable to fostering a story players will enjoy. Making the world- past and present- truly interactive is one of the elements that draws people into RPGs. Continue reading “Steal My Ideas: Interactive Backstory Session”

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