Cult: Bhaal’s Gentry, a friendly death cult on behalf of Bhaal, the God of Murder

Deity – Bhaal, God of Murder (NE, Death)

Cult Name – Bhaal’s Gentry

Symbol – A skull with the hilt of a dagger below its mouth and the tip piercing the top of the skull

Any drunken halfwit with a blade can murder an unsuspecting person. There’s no sport, no challenge, no mystery, no tension. Bhaal rejoices in the delicious lead up to murder almost as much as the act itself. While Bhaal takes notice of all murders, he does not offer favor to any normal murderer.

Those who wish to become something more than a servant of Bhaal must walk a different, far more dangerous path.

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Steal My Idea: How Do You Keep from Railroading Players?

This is as much one method I use to keep from railroading players for others to use as it is an invitation for you to share your favorite methods with me and others. Finding the balance between planning an adventure and letting the players influence or change the outcome is a difficult task for any GM. While there are many ways to do it, here’s one I’ve used that works well.


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Steal My Idea: Side Quest: The Paci Fists

While I named the key item in this side quest the Paci Fists(pounced the same as pacifists), choosing a non-comical name won’t change the plot for your game. As always, you are welcome to change any elements or ideas to better suit your table, though I do try and make each idea work well without any changes. In addition, all NPCs are labeled as she, but you can make them to better suit your game. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: Side Quest: The Paci Fists”

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