More Than Scaled [or Feathered] Motorcycles: Unique Dinosaur Mounts. [Steal][My][Idea]

In worlds with dinosaurs, why limit mount possibilities to horses? But don’t just have a copy/paste dinosaur. Give it some personality, qualities, and flaws unique to it.

This provides ten personality traits, physical distinctions, penalties, and bonuses that you can apply to a dinosaur. Each of the ten physical distinctions, penalties, and bonuses corresponds with the same number on each list, though you can mix them up if you wish. You can roll 1d10, apply the personality trait of the number rolled, then roll 3d10 and apply the features from each list. Alternatively, you can roll 1d10 for each list, giving you a random choice for each.

The mechanics are based on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, but can easily be adapted to other systems. Suggested dinosaurs: allosaurus, ankylosaurus, deinonychus, hadrosaurus, stegosaurus, & triceratops. Continue reading “More Than Scaled [or Feathered] Motorcycles: Unique Dinosaur Mounts. [Steal][My][Idea]”

Steal [Our] Idea: The Temple of Dosh-Grub – a five room dungeon with unique treasure

Six of us in The Gollicking posed a friendly challenge: we all choose a single item from the WTF Is My Ridiculous Magical Item Generator we split into three teams and all built a five room dungeon out of it. All three of our dungeons were themed around this item: POWERFUL GOBLIN SKULL THAT STEALS COINS WHENEVER YOU REPEAT SOMETHING SOMEONE RECENTLY SAID.

You can get all three dungeons from the Reddit post linked above. /u/PaganUnicorn and I [/u/RexiconJesse] teamed up to build a glorious 5 room dungeon about ticks and greed called The Temple of Dosh-Grub.

Here’s the link to the google doc where PaganUnicorn did a fantastic job formatting it to look beautiful.

Here’s the PDF of The Temple of Dosh-Grub for you!

The text only version follows below.

/u/Mimir-ion and /u/unkindnessnevermore made Holy Matrimoly!

/u/famoushippopotamus and /u/DeathMcGunz made A Skull Full of Coins.

Enjoy! And don’t get greedy! Continue reading “Steal [Our] Idea: The Temple of Dosh-Grub – a five room dungeon with unique treasure”

Cult: Bhaal’s Gentry, a friendly death cult on behalf of Bhaal, the God of Murder

Deity – Bhaal, God of Murder (NE, Death)

Cult Name – Bhaal’s Gentry

Symbol – A skull with the hilt of a dagger below its mouth and the tip piercing the top of the skull

Any drunken halfwit with a blade can murder an unsuspecting person. There’s no sport, no challenge, no mystery, no tension. Bhaal rejoices in the delicious lead up to murder almost as much as the act itself. While Bhaal takes notice of all murders, he does not offer favor to any normal murderer.

Those who wish to become something more than a servant of Bhaal must walk a different, far more dangerous path.

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Steal My Idea: Cult: Nal’s Hand, on behalf of Neira, Goddess of Illusion (CN, Trickery)

For more on the Gollicking’s cult series, check out Bhaal’s Gentry, Hum Alshirih and u/Mimir-ion‘s cults: The Unanchored,The Order of the White Rose, The Chicanery and The Harvesters

Deity – Leira, Goddess of Illusion (CN, Trickery)

Cult Name – Nal’s Hand

Symbol – An eye with lashes looking to the right (or looking to the left if they drew it upside down)

Worship is a strange and subjective act. Loviatar seeks praise in pain. Bhaal feels his follower’s devotion through acts of murder. Tyr demands justice. But pain, murder, and justice only affect a small group of people with each act. Nal, the leader of Nal’s Hand, believes the worshiping of Leira, the goddess of illusion, should be a far grander and more public affair. Nal and her followers do not concern themselves with what is good or evil.

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Steal My Idea: Tabletop Day D&D 5e 10 Page Adventure FOR YOU

International Tabletop Day is this Saturday! Celebrate by running a game of Dungeons and Dragons 5e for friends and/or strangers. Don’t have a one shot adventure at the ready? STEAL THIS ONE.

This adventure is built for around 4 characters at level 4. I designed it so you can easily tweak the difficulty if you have more players. If you have 3 players, you could bump the player’s levels up to 5 to keep it from being too much of a challenge. Or tweak it on the fly if you dare.

This is totally free for you! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it impresses someone at a game company so they’re hire me. I’m currently looking for a job designing board games and/or RPGs, so if you got any connections, I love you forever if you share.

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! And happy Tabletop Day!

It you want a PDF of this adventure, get it here: Distant Screams – A DnD 5e Adventure by Jesse Galena

–This D&D 5e adventure was written and designed by Jesse Galena, and it is free for anyone to use. I am seeking employment as a developer for board games and RPGs. If you have any connections and you don’t think my work is trash, please pass it along or contact me. You can contact me on Twitter: @RexiconJesse, Reddit: u/RexiconJesse, or email: jessegalena[at]

For loads more RPG material, check out Steal My Idea on my website:

Thank you, enjoy, and happy International Tabletop Day–

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