Steal My Idea: 3 Non-Magical Items Worth Having

I love non-magical items and weapons that are more involved, interesting, functional, or useful than a typical item of the same type. There are a lot of cultures, religions, and people in RPG settings that willingly avoid using magical items for a variety of reasons. There are also those who just can’t afford magical items and have to make something that gives them an edge without using magic. And then there are people who want to use non-standard items and eventually enchant them to make them even more powerful. For those looking for unique weapons, here’s three you can steal. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 3 Non-Magical Items Worth Having”

Steal My Idea: 6 Unique Items to Pepper into Your Game (or to Ask Your GM for)

Items and weapons are one of my favorite things to discover. Even items or weapons that use a spell effect or something already established in the system are more fun when you put an interesting spin on them. You can use them for loot, villains’ items, or things to add something unexpected. These are far less complicated and easier to slip into your game than The Ring of Exponential Value or The Rings of the Two Best Friends. Continue reading “Steal My Idea: 6 Unique Items to Pepper into Your Game (or to Ask Your GM for)”

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