Daily Magic Item: The Ever-Burning Helm of Gruolgl, The Riverside Terror

Item prompt from the WTF Is My Ridiculous Item Generator: rexiconjesse.github.io/.

The Ever-Burning Helm of Gruolgl, The Riverside Terror

While rare, it is possible for items to become enchanted without magic. Strong emotions over a long enough time can imbue items with compassion, hate, or even fear.

Gruolgl was the terror of the riverside clans. He’d lead his clan through the river, breathing through straws so they could sneak up on riverside villages. The moment he surfaced, he’d ignite his massive, troll face helmet and lead his clan in the raid. He was gruesome and said to be fearless. But every single time he swam, he feared the serpents that slithered beneath the surface. Whenever he felt something touch his foot, his fear would consume him, forcing him to swim faster leaving his clan behind.

It was that very fear that brought about his untimely end and caused his helmet to wash downriver to a place that knew nothing of his legend.

Prompt: An ever-burning troll face helmet that doubles your swim speed whenever you touch a snake

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