Steal My Idea: 3 Other Mimic Breeds

Mimics are best known for imitating a treasure chest and luring greedy or unaware adventurers into their maw. But mimics are crafty shape changers, and the craftiest of them evolve to take on other forms.

A Fallen Party:

This type of mimic lacks the shape-changing abilities of its relatives. They take on the form of a mound of flesh and exposed pieces of bone. They cover themselves in the gear and equipment of their prior victims, appearing to be a pile of dead and decaying adventurers. When touched, the mimic’s signature sticky film keeps the curious adventurer’s hand stuck to it.
Once touched, the large mass rises up and slumps onto its pray. The sticky film helps dissolve the flesh of its prey, but the prey will suffocate before that happens.

Rooftop Lurker:

When climbing, finding a weatherworn ladder can make the difference between getting to the top and falling from exhaustion.
The main hunting grounds for these flying mimics are cliff sides and on the top of buildings within ruins. They either lay flat or take on a decorative form, such as a gargoyle. They unravel their tongue, which is easily mistaken for a rope ladder. The ladder is not sticky. Instead, the mimic uses the strength of its tongue to hold and crush prey. When it feels the weight of something climbing it, it rolls its tongue up into its oversized mouth and takes flight.


Some believe a mimic’s size directly relates to their level of intelligence. Dungeoneers cite the mim-inn-ic as the main inspiration for this theory.
These mimics grow so large they take on the appearance of a two-story building. They find a traveled road and place themselves next to it, mimicking an inn made of stone and mortar. They know common, allowing them to create a sign with the name of the inn.
Inside of the “inn,” tables, chairs, a bar, and a hearth (no fire) are the main decor. 2-4 owners and/or patrons are inside. The people can only speak common, regardless of the race they portray. In addition, they all wear clothing that covers their feet. This is because they are part of the mimic itself, and if the adventurers could see the NPCs feet, they would see they are attached to the “stone” floor. The tables and chairs are real.
When adventurers enter, the “people” ask to hear tales of glory and triumph or whatever will feed the adventurer’s egos. While the adventurers are distracted, the mim-inn-ic will slowly start burying itself, eventually blocking all the doors and windows so no one can escape.

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